RE: CBCP (should mind their own business)

How dare this priest … Who is he? He should keep his mouth shut for there are a lot of problems regarding Catholics priest. How many priests have molested children? How many priest have kids outside the church?

To Willie why are you complaining?

The truth is many people came to Villar campaign because you’re there, but does not mean those people will vote for villar?? No way at all!!
Ikaw at ang show mo ang pinunutahan ng mga tao hindi si villar. Bulag ka ba Willie ang hirap sayo masyado ka kasi mukhang pera...

RE: Kapalmuks si Willie!

Ang kapal ng mukha ni Willie Revillame! Ginagamit nya ang show ng ABS-CBN para sa pagpo-promote sa MAGNANAKAW NA SI VILLAR!

Feedback: Good luck Philippines

In time of election electorates must first look at the characters of those running in highest office. Mayroon kasi dyan magbabait-baitan kapagnangangampanya pero kapagnanalo na bahala na tayong kumayod para mabuhay.

Re: Cecille Cinco, Palito's paramour

It's sad that Cecille Cinco's children were not allowed to see or visit their father Palito for the last time, that they're just one of the many children claiming to be his, sadder still if the children were being punished for the mistakes of their parents. Someone seemed to have forgotten the wisdom of the old that said something about "suffer the children . . ."

Re: Reports on the effects of El Niño on corn

Tignan nyo yung resulta ng labis na pagbalita nyo ukol sa epekto ng el niño, ginawa ng gubyerno yun na dahilan para mag-import na naman ng pagkaramirami kaya bagsak na naman ang presyo ng mga mais at palay.

Feedback: Automation might succeed but election will fail

Even if the first automated election on the whole is successful, it will still be under protest and will end in the failure of election. Forgive my pessimism but I am afraid that since only a single winner will emerge, only one party and its men will respect the results of the election.

Feedback: Is it surprising to know poll automation will partially fail?

Of course not and the people are anticipating perhaps it is intentionally planned by Aling Gloria's unacceptable and unpopular regime.

Re: Psychological test vs the presidentiables

It's gathering momentum. Due to popular demand, maybe all presidentiables and all their deputies should all undergo psychological tests, no exemptions, and then, publish all the results the way all examination results are published, in the newspapers and in the internet. That should be transparent enough for Loren Legarda who is big on transparency.

RE: "Heartthrob" US Concert Tour

We were delighted to learn that Piolo Pascual would lead the Heartthrob US Tour here in San Jose CA and did not have any hesitation to buy the concert ticket which was not cheap. We knew how good he was in the many movies and television shows that we watched in the past, wanted most specially my wife to see in person and watch him sing.