RE: I pity the Philippines a lot!

I’ve been living years abroad and have seen a lot of differences between the Philippines culture & others.

RE: Alan Cayetano’s “topak”

I can understand why Alan Peter Cayetano has no qualms about using gutter language as “Topak” (demented) to criticize Noynoy Aquino. If you have been following Cayetano on the Senate floor, you should have noticed that the whiteness and smoothness of his face are the exact opposite of the blackness and the spines on his two-pronged tongue.

RE: Cynthia Villar, not going to be a pakialamera first lady?

Egads! Does this mean Cynthia Villar will only be a decoration at her husband's side, dripping in jewels with perfect hairdo and perpetually draped in designer clothes prom queens would kill for?

RE: Senatorial Harapan missed the celebrities

The Harapan brought to fore several Senatorial candidates who were able to put their best feet forward for the national consumption and evaluation. ABS-CBN should be commended for using its high tech to inform the viewers with instant responses that transparently reveal their approval or disapproval of the candidates’ words.

RE: Erap and the coming elections

After watching your news regarding The Presidential election in May 2010, I was so surprised that Filipino people are still wasting their time to consider voting for Joseph Estrada who was convicted and sent to prison for corruption and now is running for president.

RE: Agra-viado and the massacre victims

It appears that Agra is lawyering for the Ampatuans instead of acting as a neutral Justice Secretary. With a powerful and apparently resolute and stubborn lawyer like Agra, who needs the services of defense Atty. Siegfred Fortun to exculpate the rest of the massacre suspects?

RE: IT experts doubt elections will be clean

Independent IT experts doubt election would be clean! Well, that is why vigilance at the precinct level all over the country is a MUST! Numbers do not lie and it is irritating to hear these experts kuno that it would not be a clean election come May.

RE: No Andal pls

Note to Noynoy & the Liberal Party. Please do not accept Andal Jr. And any endorsements from him. He is going for Noynoy because he believes that he can manipulate Noynoy. No way!!!!

RE: Turncoats

Amazing how fast the colors of politics changes and influence people.
Who are we to believe now? Only my God knows best. Amen

RE: Lambino, Tamano, and Salcedo

What do Lambino, Adel Tamano, and Margaux Salcedo have in common? Their surnames end with an “O” and a letter “A” is the second letter, right? No, that’s not the one. That’s merely visual. The similarity is they all speak so smoothly and clearly when they are driving a point. It’s so enjoyable listening to each of them because hardly do they stammer and they all are good and pleasant looking people, despite the indifference in their ages.