Reaction: Why the RH bill will pass

By Manoling de Leon, reader

Posted at Nov 23 2009 04:56 PM | Updated as of Nov 24 2009 12:56 AM

I’m sorry to say it, but the Reproductive Health Bill will become a law.
Be afraid. Be very afraid! I say this not because of the abortions, promiscuity (as if we are not promiscuous enough), and social complications that will befall Pinoy society. Rather, I say this because those who support the RH Bill have unveiled, and continue to unveil, a set of what they call facts and statistical data to show that this is the solution to our nation’s misery.
First, they say that babies born to irresponsible parents are the main cause of poverty. Ergo, let’s educate parents to be responsible by making family planning methods available to all those who need it. I’m afraid because my daughter has a dozen kids, and our government is telling me that she’s irresponsible and, if she’s not careful, she will become poor.
Second, they say that parents should be free to decide how many kids they want, that parents must be given incentives to limit the number of kids, and family planning methods must be available. If I want more kids, even if I can afford it, I will be penalized, not openly because this would be discrimination, but in secret. That’s how our government respects our freedom.
Third, because the poor cannot afford it, government must pay for these services because it is their responsibility to improve the quality of our people, especially the poor. Of course, they will use my tax money to pay for something I don’t agree, but that’s what government is for, isn’t it? They know what’s good for us, so we should sacrifice for the common good, right? Don’t mind that a big chunk of my taxes end up inside the pockets of politicians, and what’s left over would pay for something that goes against my principles.
Fourth, they want the RH Bill to defend the rights of women who are raped, abused by their husbands, and bullied by society and the Church into whimpering creatures. Maybe they’re right in thinking that many of these women go to Church on Sundays, listen to sermons and obey their parish priest, and do not use pills, condoms or other drugs, so it’s good that their rights are defended. I hope they pass a similar law for us husbands…
Fifth, people like me are hysterical, Inquisitorial, and anti-progress, so I should just shut up so that the government, NGOs, and people with enlightened minds who are pro-poor and pro-RH Bill can be hysterical and Inquisitorial in pushing their pro-progress agendas.
Sixth, our population growth rate is so high that we need a law to bring it down. I guess the fact that our population growth rates have been going down in the last thirty years and that our economy is doing better than others just shows that we shouldn’t believe in statistics. Or, that we should believe only those statistics that support our views.
Seventh, our society is backward because we don’t have divorce, legalized birth control, and abortion. In the west, they have all these things and their societies are more progressive, compassionate, and as close to the perfect paradise on earth while life in this country is as miserable as can be.
Eighth, other countries want only the best for us, so they will help us prosper economically.
Ninth, birth control pills are safe, and so are condoms. With the RH Bill, there will be lower incidence of AIDS, abortions, and divorce. What happens in the west won’t happen here.
And lastly, I should just shut up and let the government do what it does best, which is to look after my welfare, to think of my future, and to guard the freedom and future of the country.
All these are logical arguments, so I guess we have no choice but to let the RH Bill pass, because we have a government of saints, laws that are just, and people who obey the law.
Manoling de Leon
Pinoy Pilgrim Global Foundation Inc. 
San Juan City, Metro Manila