RE: What about the Marikina Faultline?

By a Concerned Citizen of San Pedro Laguna

Posted at Oct 05 2009 04:45 PM | Updated as of Oct 06 2009 12:45 AM

The government is unprepared for such a tremendous calamity both in emergency plan and contingencies, now as in past disasters such as Typhoon Ondoy.
We the citizens saw what government agencies are capable of and it’s very frustrating knowing that everytime they always make very flowery press releases.
With this kind of disaster, a lot of foreign countries are sending financial aid. The question is, are these funds going to be used by fat bellied government officials again? Trust is not anymore the question here, but sincerity to the victims.
For now we see that the Government Agencies were very active because of the typhoon. How about the long time problem of our country the Marikina Faultline? Since the flood water is still stagnant due to saturation of the soil. What kind of attention are they giving this?
Oh the Government is probably again waiting for something to happen then they will think and plan for it.
Depressing. I don’t want to think that they were hoping that another disaster will happen so they could make profit from it...
Concerned Citizen of San Pedro Laguna