RE: GSIS Calamity Loan

By a Concerned Citizen

Posted at Oct 01 2009 03:36 PM | Updated as of Oct 01 2009 11:37 PM

GSIS members are deceived again by its officials, and worse, at a time when help is most needed. Officials have announced that GSIS members residing at areas affected by typhoon Ondoy may avail of calamity loan thru the kiosks installed in various parts nationwide starting today, October 1, 2009.
So as early as around 7am, most of the GSIS members have rushed to the kiosks to avail of said loan only to find out after long hours of waiting that they cannot avail of such thru the GWAPS. To their dismay, they were only given application forms for them to fill up. 
Further, among the terms and conditions of the loan application is that "outstanding balances of the previous emergency loans, including surcharges, if any" will be deducted. Thus, loan applicants who have availed of the emergency loan before (e.g., in 2006 and 2008) are concerned that their net proceeds might be based on GSIS records, which until now is still not updated although members are  being religiously deducted of their GSIS loan payments from their salaries every month.  
GSIS members are worried that they might only be receiving simple text message which will read: "We regret to inform u that your emergency loan can't be acted upon because our records show that u still have loans in default. Our apologies," just like what happened to many who availed of the loan in 2008 due to typhoon Frank. 
To sincerely serve its members especially in the most trying times, outstanding loan balances should not be deducted from the loan because their records are not reliable and this is an emergency/calamity loan, after all. GSIS officials should not again give its members false hopes and their tagline, "Kahit saan, kahit kailan, maaasahan" still remains to be seen.