Guns of the police force

By Thomas Praxedes, reader

Posted at Sep 01 2008 03:30 PM | Updated as of Sep 02 2008 01:41 AM

Guns of the police force

Let me get this straight, the Arroyo government recalled all high powered rifles that were issued to our police force due to their concern, that it may be used to overthrow Gloria’s (worthless ,corrupt and incompetent) administration?

So she had this pre-conceived notion that her own police force would take a stand and probably do what's right. What kind of mentality does this president have, and one needs to wonder what exactly is her agenda?

And to the Metro Police Chief Barias, sir your reasoning is so twisted and your knowledge on crimefighting does not exist.  FYI -- bulletproof vests cannot stop a round coming from weapons such as armalites, M16 and any caliber that is categorized as high power. A shotgun that has a round pellets is only effective in short distance of approx. 15 to 20 yards.

Now director who exactly appointed you, and what branch of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines did they find you? No wonder criminals are so brazen in discriminately shooting their victims, because that is the only way they wont get convicted, getting away from the scene of the crime is easy for them.

I mean really, one only needs to point or bring  any issue and this administration has a hand of mismanaging it...and to think that she still has a little less than 2 yrs. To go, is soooooo depressing.

Thomas Praxedes