Abortion in the Philippines

By Silvestre Flores, reader

Posted at Sep 01 2008 03:00 PM | Updated as of Sep 02 2008 01:38 AM

Abortion in the Philippines

It’s a relief (instead of worrisome) that some Catholic Filipinos in the Philippines choose abortion where parents, government and Philippine resources can’t feed its people anymore. Spain is a case, where we copy Catholicism – it has the highest abortion rate in Europe thus leaving Spain with the lowest  birth rate in Europe.

The same is the situation in Italy where the Pope sits in his luxurious castle.

Philippines should strike a balance between religion and modernization. If a family can’t feed itself, they have to control having babies. Many countries can’t continue to multiply its populace without thinking of consequences. Its sad that the Philippines belongs to the category of Catholic countries who do not refuse to deviate from religious principles where effects have resulted in over population, poverty and finally civil war.

Silvester Flores