Do not budge on the deal Pacman!

By Thomas Praxedes, Judith Newell readers

Posted at Aug 28 2008 11:07 AM | Updated as of Aug 29 2008 01:54 AM

Do not budge on the deal Pacman!

Though this might be the highest payday for the Pacman, he must consider  all the obstacle that he will be facing in fighting Oscar de la Hoya, and it goes without saying that ODLH will come out the heavy favorite in this match, but for Golden Boy Productions to come out with a 70/30 deal is nothing but an insult to the Pacman, and GBP coming out with the statement that Manny will be exposed all over the world is so condescending to the 4 Division Title Holder and the Champion of the World.

The Pacman must not budge with his offer of 60/40, plus the 147 weight-in limit.

Regardless of how this deal comes out to be, it will be a dangerous position for both fighters - if Oscar wins, it would create a firestorm of insults to his legacy that he pick a smaller fighter that is way out of his weight class, and if he loses, he will double his efforts to get at least some dignity for what the Pacman will take from him.

On the other hand if Pacman loses, he will forever loose his invincibilty and the aura of a smart fighter.

So think about this fight really hard Manny Paquiao, win or lose, you must accept that you are born to be a fighter.  It is your destiny, you must enjoy it, promote it, and share it with your countrymen, not politics or singing, please do not get confused with what you are meant to be.  The politicians are using you to further  their own political agenda.

Thomas Praxedes

Why bother fight de la Hoya if  he -- de la Hoya,  gets all the money -  win or lose!  That's a  big  DUHHH!!!!!  Maybe Filipinos should call De la Hoya as DUHH  la O'yah-- he should lick Pacquiao's #%#  first since he'll be making ALL THE MONEY!!!  You are right Pacquio -- you should not sacrifice yourself to boost someone's lame ego.

Judith Newell