Who instructed Atty. Jess Santos to phone the PCGG Chairman?

By Conrad Angeles, reader

Posted at Aug 27 2008 03:27 PM | Updated as of Aug 28 2008 01:25 AM

Who instructed Atty. Jess Santos to phone the PCGG Chairman?

Regarding the battle for MERALCO's Chairmanship. I am sure Atty. Santos has no personal business with MERALCO.

During the investigation of the MERALCO case at the SC, PCGG Chairman Camilo Sabio admitted that he phoned his brother Jose Sabio Jr. who is an Appellate Justice of the CA and the head of the 9th division who has the jurisdiction to hear the petition filed either by GSIS nor MERALCO. On that hearing Chairman Camilo Sabio admitted too that he asked his brother to decide in favor of the GSIS.

Ok, but unfortunately Appellate Justice Jose Sabio Jr. just shrugged his shoulders after the conversation with his brother and still penned a decision according to what is right. And released a TRO in favor of the current Chairman of the MERALCO.

That's the story, and PCGG Chairman Camilo Sabio and Appellate Justice of the CA both claimed nothing was suspicious when they talked over the phone and it's normal to brothers who have a good relationships. Well it's valid.

But, when the PCGG Chairman Camilo Sabio asked his brother to act for GSIS, is that common especially if both of them are in government service as deparment heads for example?

In this case, I think Mr. Camilo Sabio violated some etiquette as a high ranking government official of the PCGG. Although no money was involved at the time of communication, the order of the PCGG to his brother to decide in favor of the GSIS bribery was already committed.

A reward is usually awarded when the mission has been accomplished.

For that it cannot be avoided the PCGG chair has already been tainted. And who do you think instructed Atty. Jess Santos to call the PCGG boss to call his brother and stand with the GSIS?

And you know who this man is. He is allegedly the brain of all troubles in the Philippines.

Guess who.

Conrad Angeles