RE: A smoking president? How about boozing, gambling, and womanizing?

By Pompeyo S. Pedroche, reader

Posted at Jun 07 2010 05:57 PM | Updated as of Jun 08 2010 01:57 AM

Are we not being naïve to feel annoyed by a smoking president when in fact we overwhelming elected another one notorious for boozing, gambling, and womanizing? Some people do see only the hole in the donut. Why do we chide the president’s for his only vice when he has more virtues that can fill your drawers which our youth can emulate?
First, Noynoy is low profile despite his illustrious roots. I haven’t seen this Senator dressed to the nines unlike some do-nothing colleagues who walk the Congressional halls like they were GQ models.
Second, has Noynoy ever been in the limelight speaking for the sake of rhetoric and media mileage? He didn’t try to grab the limelight in the Senate, not because he was dumb but because he is humble. Yet, he is honorable man but not ambitious like a Marc Antony. When his mother passed away, he heard the people’s clamor for him to continue Cory’s advocacies.
Unlike others who couldn’t hide their obsession and ambition to become President, Noynoy didn’t grab the opportunity. He struggled with the idea and like Jesus he agonized for days. Only Mar’s self-sacrifice compelled him to face the challenge. I don’t think Noynoy goes for signature men’s watches and expensive adornment like bracelets and necklaces because he is not vain.
Smoking is a personal vice but will not empty the coffers of our government, abuse our rights nor sell our integrity to the highest bidder. If by smoking, Noynoy develops cancer within the years of his governance but makes our country strong and healthy economically and democratically, one pack of Marlboro a day is worth the sacrifice.
Pompeyo Pedroche
New Jersey, USA