RE: Legalizing the illegal

By Mike M. Moreno, reader

Posted at Jun 07 2010 06:28 PM | Updated as of Jun 08 2010 02:28 AM

We have already run out of any kind words for the out going Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo because of her propensity to legalized what is illegal even in last few of days of her stay in office in Malacanang such as:
(a) 3 billion war equipments for the Armed Forces of the Philippines which is being justified by the government thru DND outgoing Secretary Gonzales.(reported by newspapers)
(b) More than 200 hundred midnight appointments to GOCC and other offices with fixed years of tenure.
(c) Appointment of Amboy Gary Olivar as one of her spokesman without first renouncing his citizenship as an American citizen.
(d) Charging all her family expenses in the maintenance of her private home in Quezon City from the "Intelligence or Confidential Funds." These governments funds is not subject to auditing and accounting requirements or rules and regulations because of the very nature and classification of these funds. Maintenance meaning all bills such as water, telephones, electric, groceries for her maids, house boys and drivers including their salaries, etc. My sources are employees from Malacanang Finance and Deputy Executive Secretary's offices who are holding careeer or civil service positions. They told me these two women staff of Mrs. Gloria Arroyo are signing the small receipts and receiving the money for PGMA's household workers "Tax payers money" Note: unknown to the media.
We think she (GMA) is in need of help.
Mike M. Moreno
Richmond, B.C. Canada