Re: Dr Esperanza Cabral and the anti-smoking lobby

By Malin Solino, reader

Posted at Jun 07 2010 06:26 PM | Updated as of Jun 08 2010 02:26 AM

DOH's Dr Esperanza Cabral should don an armour. She's in for an uphill battle. Ethically, she can only recommend, advise and persuade smokers to quit smoking, not force them. As people, smokers have autonomy, the right to decide what is good for them, and as doctor, Esperanza Cabral has to respect that decision even if that decision goes against her grain, and lead to people's demise.
Not all people welcome doctors' interventions. But those that do and decide to take up Dr Esperanza Cabral's offer to quit smoking, is she prepared to give medical assistance to them if they suddenly find themselves go cold turkey and fighting the barrage of nicotine dependency? Their concentration wanders, their mistakes doubled and they become edgy, restless, irritable, and then, snap at people around them.
Nicotine craving is strong and often overrides willpower. Smokers cannot just stop smoking at a drop of a hat. They have to be weaned off gradually. Little by little. Bit by bit. Slow, but steady. Pharmaceutical Nicabate, nicotine patches or their equivalent may help, also a very understanding and compassionate doctor.
Malin Solino