RE: American Intervention in our political arena

By Daniel Escurel Occeno, reader

Posted at May 26 2010 04:27 PM | Updated as of May 27 2010 12:27 AM

One of the reasons for American Intervention in our political arena is because of our election for president can influence the future Governors, Senators, and President in the United States. The election of Governor of New York is important, but the new Governor of California could determine election 2012 for president in America.
The primary elections will be held on June 8, 2010. There are millions of Filipino overseas workers, Filipino Immigrants, and natural born Filipinos living in California that will be affected by Noy Noy Aquino winning with a landslide victory. “In 2006, the California Air Resources Board classified secondhand smoke as a ‘Toxic Air Contaminant’ in the same category as asbestos, cyanide, arsenic, and car exhaust which can lead to serious illness and death.”
Maybe California should affect Metro Manila as well and not just NEW YORK CITY. The possible governor on my watch who is positive to the future of the Philippines is Richard William Aguirre who is currently a Democratic Candidate for Governor of California. His 2010 Campaign is centered on creating state owned solar panel factories, installing the solar panels on 10 million homes in California, harvesting the surplus power, and selling the power at a profit for the state of California.
With the heat wave this year, the idea of harnessing the sun has merit.
Daniel Escurel Occeno