Unsolicited advice to the President Apparent Noynoy Aquino's Search Committee

By Ruben P. Rivero, reader

Posted at May 24 2010 04:04 PM | Updated as of May 25 2010 12:05 AM

Please consider the interest of the greater number of Filipinos, especially the least privileged, in selecting your Official Family/Cabinet Secretaries. Please forget those who helped you in the campaign. Remember that more than 15 million Filipinos voted for you not because of the few who always surrounds you. Yes, they helped a lot, but I am sure, the welfare of most Filipinos are also always in their minds.
Please do not appoint on the basis of "Utang na Loob" or repaying gratitude. Surely, everyone will swear to GOD that they want to SERVE but please look deeper in the souls of your appointee-apparent. Please be very careful as their individual performance will reflect to your presidency's ratings.
Avoid appointing TRAPOs and Re-CYCLED officials. There are many more qualified out in the market waiting for the opportunity. Please try to look at the performances of local officials in the provinces. I am sure that they will perform better and they are more closer to the people who, most often, are neglected by the previous administrations.
Ruben P. Rivero
New Jersey, USA