RE: Puno is full of it

By Dr. Nestor P. Baylan, reader

Posted at May 24 2010 05:20 PM | Updated as of May 25 2010 01:20 AM

No matter how you slice and dice the appointment of Corona as chief jurist, one could not help but criticize the Supreme Court decision (for its timing, substance and technical nature) reversing its very own 1998 decision reaffirming Section 15, Article VII and Section 4 Article VIII of the constitution.
Puno was COMPLICIT with Malacañang in making the controversial appointment. Just look at the timeline: March 17, the court released its ruling; the national election is May 10; Puno is retiring May 17. That is a good 53 days between election time and the release of the court’s ruling. Technically, there was no vacancy in the court yet.
The Judicial and Bar Council that recommends appointees to the Supreme Court has Puno as the ex-officio chairman of that body. Now the Supreme Court made this stupid ruling again that the next president could not revoke an appointment to the court when the present court reversed its own 1998 ruling. What kind of legal wisdom is this?
Puno says that “jurisprudence is irrevocable” but not when it is lacking in discretion and wisdom. You couldn’t trust these men in black robes who rape the Constitution.
Dr. Nestor P. Baylan
New York City