RE: Corona as Chief Justice

By Malin Solino, reader

Posted at May 24 2010 06:06 PM | Updated as of May 25 2010 02:06 AM

Corona ask us Filipinos to let him be on the job as Chief Justice and to judge him on the man that he can be, not on the man that he is, was. The man that he can be might just be pure speculation, a fantasy any five years old can weave. It is to mislead us, detract us from the fact, of the man that he is, an ardent and proven supporter of Gloria Arroyo, almost blind to the core, power hungry, big on paninipsip, that's how Corona appear to us.
Past actions are strong indications of future actions. Courts convict or sentence criminals for past actions, on what they have done in the past, not on what they can be in the future, though many do the same wrong thing, time and time again.
Corona is asking us to trust him. That would be very hard, indeed. The man that he can be, might never be. That man might even be a figment of the imagination that live only in Corona's mind. Seen how Corona's eyes dipped (close the shutter) when he was interviewed, his lips pulled tight at the sides, followed by an uncomfortable gulp that nearly made his Adam's apple disappear?
To those that dabble in body language, it was to cover a truth. That he could not believe what he was saying! That he has no intention of being a different man than the perfect man he is now. And that gods have mercy on those that oppose him, as Chief Justice, Corona is going to be judge, jury, and executioner.
Malin Solino