RE: Disband the AFP and the PNP, Close the PMA, and replace them with a public security force and a coast guard

By Expedito Herrera Castillo, M.D., reader

Posted at May 19 2010 05:42 PM | Updated as of May 20 2010 01:42 AM

Although there are good soldiers in the Philippine military, we must Disband the Armed Forces of the Philippines, AFP, and the Philippine National Police, PNP, Close the Philippine Military Academy PMA, and Replace them with a PUBLIC SECURITY FORCE and a COAST GUARD This may seem like a radical idea, but as you will see, it is not. As a matter of fact, it is just plain common sense, reasonable, appropriate to Philippine Ethos, and sensitive to the needs of our people.
The Armed Forces of the Philippines, AFP, and the Philippine National Police, PNP, as well as the Philippine Military Academy, are DE-FACTO FOREIGN ENTITIES.
* They have been established by the United States after defeating the Philippine Revolutionary Forces in 1901, as the Philippine Scouts and the Philippine Constabulary, (although Filipino Scouts were already hired before they were officially established).
* They are VESTIGES of the Philippines’ colonial past.
* SINCE THEIR INCEPTION, in the process of “assisting (America) in combating the remnants of the (Filipino) revolutionaries” for which they were created by the United States, the Philippine Scouts and the Philippine Constabulary, the predecessors of the AFP and PNP, were accessories to and have participated in the MASSACRES and eventual GENOCIDE of Filipinos by the American Military Forces, during the 1898 Philippine American War, and the subsequent occupation and colonization of the Philippines by the United States of America,
* The Philippine Scouts and the Philippine Constabulary have been patterned after the Native American Scouts whose participation in and collaboration with the American military resulted in their Genocide, in which more than 95% of their population has been decimated, DEFINITELY NOT THE PATH WE WANT TO TAKE.
The policy of having both the AFP and the PNP is economically unsound.
* There is a redundancy in functions. There is no need for 2 large entities with 2 enormous budgets during this time of relative international peace, and no major external threat to Philippine national security, and no neighboring country.
* Extra budget is needlessly allotted for excessive, additional, and unnecessary military personnel,.
* That money wasted has resulted in the accumulation of our enormous debt.
* That money could have been used to feed the hungry, take care of street and abandoned children, and for other Social programs to alleviate the high rate of poverty.
* That money could have been used for programs to stimulate the economy.
* That money is now used to service the national debt, paying both the interests and principal.
* This is not just double; it is a septuple WHAMMY on the Philippine economy.
* We could use the money saved in disbanding and replacing the Philippine military to fund social programs, and have the displaced military personnel to be the soldiers instead of the Philippine economy.
* Not only economically non-productive are the idle soldiers in the bloated Philippine military, some of them prey on the citizenry.
The AFP and PNP have committed acts inimical to the interest of the Filipino people.
* They have JEOPARDIZED THE SOVEREIGNTY of the Philippines,
*There is LACK OF CIVILITY among some members of the AFP / PNP.
*The existence of Renegade forces in the AFP and PNP pose a THREAT TO THE STABILITY of the government,
* They have committed HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES -
GOOGLE Search, May 11, 2010 - shows 997,000 posts, Today May 15, 2010 - 1,260,000 results.
* CORRUPTION is rampant in the officers and rank-and-file of the AFP / PNP GOOGLE Search today, May 11, 2010 - shows 237,000 posts.
The thought that our NATIONAL HEROES
were captured, killed or assassinated, with the collaboration of the PHILIPPINE SCOUTS and the PHILIPPINE CONSTABULARY , by our own flesh and blood, is unfathomable.
If the Philippine Military, with its history of collaboration and participation in the GENOCIDE of their fellow Filipinos, were the same kind of organization in some other more enlightened country, they would have been disbanded and dismantled a long time ago. There are no signs of Red Coats (that included American collaborators of British Army Regiments during the American Revolution), or Confederate Army, nor a statue of Benedict Arnold in the U.S.
We must therefore, close the Philippine Military Academy and transform it into a BAYANIHAN UNIVERSITY for the poor and underprivileged, and a Philippine Colonial Heritage Library and Museum, to close the final colonial and neo-colonial chapters of our history, and,
We must Disband and Dismantle the Armed Forces of the Philippines, AFP, and the Philippine National Police, PNP, and replace them “in our time of true independence“, with a PUBLIC SECURITY FORCE and a COAST GUARD , that are LEAN and MEAN to deal with internal and external threats to national security, promote and preserve peace and order, protect ALL of the Filipino People, and uphold the interest and sovereignty of the Philippines as an Independent Nation, while at the same time, be grassroots in origin, be more affordable, be more cost-effective, be more professional, be more appropriate, be more responsive and accountable to the security needs of ALL the Filipino people.
Expedito Herrera Castillo, M.D.