RE: Aquino and Binay - strange bedfellows

By Pompeyo S. Pedroche, reader

Posted at May 19 2010 06:00 PM | Updated as of May 20 2010 02:00 AM

There’s a maxim that says “politics makes strange bedfellows”. I hope that doesn’t happen and with Aquino and Binay. The two belong to rival political parties, and though Binay is beholden to Aquino’s mother, Cory, Binay will fight for his political survival, and to hell with gratitude. Already, Binay’s distasteful remark that Aquino’s Vice Presidential partner Mar Roxas will cheat in Mindanao has shown his real color and character that could bother Aquino as a President.
Binay is an astute and clever politician who’ll stop at nothing to go to the top of things. Binay as Aquino’s Vice-President is not the sidekick a President wants because Binay will kick anyone in his way. Should Aquino, God forbid, get incapacitated one way or another, Binay will be faster than Spiderman to swoop down on the Presidency and wish his President the worst. That’s why only Mar Roxas should be the best right hand man for a fresh ready-to-work President.
Mayor Binay’s allegations that Mar’s party is cooking up some cheating in Mindanao is premature, presumptuous, and unfair.
First, the counting is not over yet and he’s already talking like he is already a proclaimed Vice-President. Second, if Binay is comfortably leading Mar let’s say as much as 5 million like the lead of Noynoy over his partner Erap, perhaps his apprehensions could be appreciated.
However, the lead of Binay over Mar is only less than a million votes which is precarious and mathematically possible for Mar to overtake, considering that Mar is more popular that Binay in Mindanao and the Visayas. Lastly, in this automated election, it will be folly on the part of the Liberals to tamper with the true un-transmitted results. Mar Roxas will win the Vice-Presidency in a clean election.
For Mar Roxas to cheat Binay will stain not only the Roxases’ clean political integrity but will also spoil Noynoy’s inauguration as the 15th President of our nation.
Pompeyo S. Pedroche
New Jersey, USA