RE: Votes of the elderly and the illiterate will be voided by automation

By Pompeyo S. Pedroche, reader

Posted at May 12 2010 04:55 PM | Updated as of May 13 2010 12:55 AM

There’s no denying that the Philippines has millions of illiterate and elderly, handicapped voters. As seen on several TV demonstrations, automated election is not a no-brainer piece of cake. Chances are the votes of the elderly and the illiterate will be invalidated for a number of causes: 1.These voters will vote more names than is necessary, not to mention voting on the right box. 2. The hard of reading will be unable to fill in the egg-shape oblong without their unsteady fingers making stray marks. 3. They will also mess the ballot with erasures and doodles. Any one of these will render their voting an exercise in futility.
Therefore, Villar and Erap, both of whom have cast their lot with the support of the poor, will severely suffer from this no-nonsense automation election because the votes they’re banking on from their millions of supporters won’t count at all.
Pompeyo Pedroche
New Jersey, USA