RE: Election Process Experience

By Anjelle Better, reader

Posted at May 12 2010 04:29 PM | Updated as of May 13 2010 12:29 AM

It's good that our election has this PCOS machine because the counting process and result is quicker than the manual counting. Since this is the first time and true that COMELEC is still probing, experimenting, and exploring this kind of system, there are a lot of lapses that they need to improve. But of course to the citizens also, they should be understanding, participative and cooperative for we are all in this together for the betterment of our election system.
Some Advantages:
   1. Less paper involve in casting votes
   2. Less burden to election manpower (human resource)
   3. Easy to vote for you will just choose your bet and bullet the oval before it (name)
   4. Takes 20% of time in marking the ballot compared writing the names before
Some Disadvantages:
   1. Delayed process due to lack of knowledge in voting process
   2. People panic when they see the long congested line and if the PCOS reject the ballot
   3. Uncontrolled crowed in some clusters due to lack of assistance and guidance in observing the flow of line.
   4. No security/police/designated official outside in each precinct who should supposed handle the observance in "Fall in Line" for the voters
   5. Lack of support staff in each precinct.
   6. Lack of preparation in overall election system.
Some Suggestions:
   1. Voters should not always complain in the long lines because if everybody understands and cooperate then we will end the day peacefully. The problem is that people cannot wait for their turn. They are always in a hurry, racing who will be done first (shouting and arguing with each other). They should understand the fairness and justice by following the line and its process inside. The problem is that many of them cut in and destruct the system (priority #s were distributed near the door in each precinct) and this is being neglected by the teachers.
   2. DepEd and COMELEC should have agree one system to be followed and must be strictly implemented during the election process. This is to make the flow easier and quicker. The thing is the voters who will vote get in while those who are done (for thumb mark and ink) are stucked up and teachers take time in locating the names because some voters don't know their sequence #s (many of them use cluster #s when asked by the teachers). I casted my vote just 2 minutes but the log in and log out took me longer inside the precinct.
   3. Most of the voters are irresponsible not to look for their names yesterday so that they wouldn't have problems in looking for their names on the eleventh hour. Some get in at the wrong precincts and delays some voters. They should have the #s of their bet before voting so that they will just mark up when they sit down and not to think who will be their bet and take long time. Also, they should stay in the line and not leave because this is for everybody's concern on whatever the result of this election.
   4. Voting should keep going even if the PCOS will not work because this will stuck the voters and be impatient. Anyway the ballots can be scanned and counted once PCOS will work and the Precinct Chairman will insert it (for security reason). Its better than to wait too long and done nothing instead of just continuing except the inserting of ballot. The PCOS will reject ballots that are messy or dusty because its very sensitive and could be the reason it will not work in after couple of hours. Others don't understand the limit of marking (position) which lead to void entry.
   5. Handicapped/disabled, Senior Citizens, and pregnant women should have another precincts for them because others can't understand that elders should be prioritized. Some elders also take too long in voting especially if no companion who will assist.
Sadly people reacts to change from what we traditionally do and easily gives the negative notion regarding it instead of helping out. Simply asking if they are going to vote in that precinct or saying the end of the line is in that direction, it should have been a great help in crowd management and avoid cut in/inserting. The ink in here isn't easily erased and I don't get it why others reported that its easily erased by tissue.
Lastly, I was really expecting before that the automated election will be paperless and like the ATM where you will just press keys/touchscreen to choose your bet because billions of money was the alloted budget for this. If we really aim for progress and less burden this should have been the project because its easy for everyone than holding a pen to mark a paper and no PCOS jammed. The COMELEC ID MUST BE LIKE ATM Cards where it stores the personal data about the voter and data of during election (who s/he voted for) just like the bank system. The security of PIN for the voter is like ATM Cards and/or have finger scanner to really be secured and reliable. The system used by the bank are secured and so will be the Election Electronic Ballots. There will be slips to confirm that the voter is being registered aside from the data in the card. Once the person has been registered then the program will not accept him/her anymore (not more than once) and inks will be marked on the voter's finger right after the kiosks or machines.
*Or if not make use of the TIN (enter it as PIN) in the software instead of COMELEC Digital ID for a person cannot have more than 1 TIN. This will also make everybody REGISTER for a TIN and be responsible citizen in this country.
If we should aim for betterment, it should be for the BEST OUTCOME and established out from many many many proposals for this kind of project and not settle for the GOOD OR BETTER. This will become reliable for the citizens. There will be a RUNDOWN FOR ALL VOTERS for them to be educated and not mess up during the actual Election Day. STRICTLY list (of chosen candidate) should be brought by each voters and IF NONE, THEY SHOULD STEP ASIDE & MAKE ONE. This is to have smooth and fast voting process. PEOPLE IN LINE SHOULD THINK THAT THEY ARE FALLING IN LINE TO WITHDRAW MONEY (but this is more than just money for this is the future) and be patient waiting for their turn.
Anjelle Better