Reaction: Willie needs a personal counselor

By Pompeyo S. Pedroche, reader

Posted at May 06 2010 04:21 PM | Updated as of May 07 2010 12:21 AM

I appreciate the rage of Willie over Joebert’s criticism that Willie is exploiting students with poor academic performance. I didn’t hear Joebert’s exact remarks but Willie has a point: that it’s only through Wowowee that these less fortunate kids have their fifteen minutes of fame and fortune.
Unfortunately, Willie over-reacted. He need not have dropped repeatedly the question “Alam mo ba kung gaanong kini-kita ng ABS-CBN sa Wowowee?” because that placed the network in an awkward position. Besides, not only Willie but the general public already knows that the Kapamilya is making money from shows like Wowowee.
That goes without saying. It’s a corporate taboo, however, to mention money matters, but then Willie is not that discreet, the reason he needs a personal adviser. This mentor can caution him when Willie is forgetting his manners, especially in the way he treats his co-hosts and dancers. Willie’s statement embarrasses the network because he is implying that only money-making shows deserves to stay on television.
Kung minsan impulsive siya masyado at napapahiya na ang crew including his floor managers and camera men; then he only laughs this off like he doesn’t know he’s hurting others already. Dala siguro ng fatigue at stress ng energetic hosting ni Willie. It appears Willie should review his general psychology so he’ll understand human behavior and the consequences of his acts.
The problem is Willie has become so big that he thinks he can’t make mistakes anymore. Like Joey de Leon who once lost his temper when a reporter wrote in his column that Eat Bulaga’s concert in LA was a flop. Joey dared GMA7 that should that reporter ever step into the studio for a press conference, he would quit. Well, nobody knows how that brief explosion ended but Joey is still on Eat Bulaga.
I have always defended Willie over accusations that he is arrogant or a womanizer. I say he is only proud of his accomplishments, not arrogant. He’s not a “babaero” like a wolf looking for sheep to prey on; otherwise, the tabloids should have had front page paparazzo pictures of Willie cavorting with a girl in his yacht or elsewhere private.
Who knows, Willie might be telling the truth that he has only his pillows to sleep with in his mansion. The contrary is true: it is the girls who gravitate to Willie. After all, he is wealthy, famous, and above all available. My last word: Kapamilya should keep Willie but Willie should keep his cool.
Pompeyo Pedroche
New Jersey, USA