RE: Thank you Mr. Remoto

By Mark Francisco, reader

Posted at May 06 2010 09:14 AM | Updated as of May 06 2010 05:14 PM

Hello. I read your article that was posted on the ABS-CBN news website (Bitter Politics) and I would just like to express my deepest admiration and respect for you. Politics has got to be the dirtiest and vilest thing in this country and to enter it head-on. One needs a great deal of courage and an unwavering faith to the people and to the country.
The country is blessed to have a person such as you -- unafraid and determined to change the lives of the millions of Filipinos who deserve better leaders and better lives. In your own way, you have shown that there are still people who cannot be corrupted by money, people who can resist the irresistible prod of it. This country needs more people like you to safeguard its sovereignty and its democracy. But most importantly, the country needs people like you who sacrifice the good life in the service of his countrymen.
I salute you for embodying things that our forefathers have stood for during the fight for our country's freedom: integrity, courage, honor, and an undying love for the country and its people. God Bless you and good luck in the coming elections and the many more battles that you will wage in the service of your countrymen.
Thank you Mr. Remoto
Mark Francisco

P.S. I would be voting for Ang Ladlad =)