RE: Washington deputy mayor a Filipina, Valerie Santos, really has a chance to be President of the US.

By Daniel Escurel Occeno, reader

Posted at May 05 2010 06:07 PM | Updated as of May 06 2010 02:07 AM

The Philippine Star wrote “Santos, 36, is responsible for implementing Mayor Adrian Fenty’s economic development vision and managing a development pipeline worth more than $13 billion comprising public-private housing, retail, office and parks projects throughout the district.”
I’m impressed. Where does she plan to reside in the future because she can be governor and president someday, or does she want to be the Mayor of Washington, D.C. instead?
Mayors are not usually a stepping stone to be the American President because they are stereotyped of having “tunnel vision”, while a governor can more likely run a conglomerate of metropolises and smaller subsidiaries.
The governorship is a more suitable background to be Chief Executive, than just mayor.
A woman with politics and business development in her BIODATA, with the government owning private banks and General Motors, she is earning the qualifications to be C.E.O. and President of the United States of America, not just president on TV.
A vice-president nominee while mayor is a better stepping stone than just a mayor running to be the Top Dog.
She might be a Bulldog based on her ambitions so far, a $13 billion budget, wow!
Daniel Escurel Occeno