RE: Noynoy's 2nd bogus psyche report

By Malin Solino, reader

Posted at May 05 2010 06:10 PM | Updated as of May 06 2010 02:10 AM

We're getting a bit skeptical and tired of the antics of Villar's camp. They should try doing something honorable and worthwhile, we might just think well of them. Incidentally, psychiatrists don't usually type their own reports, medical secretaries do.
In 1979 (the year Noynoy's 2nd bogus report was supposedly done), medical reports carried the initials of the medical secretary who typed it (typos can be traced back to her), also a reference number that corresponds to a person's file kept in the office. Secretaries are notorious for keeping records and data, they file copies and things in bulky steel filing cabinets.
Computers were not around in 1979, so the report must have been typed on a manual typewriter, carbon paper at the back. The font and typeface of the report should be consistent with all others letters and correspondence done at the time, coming from the same office typewriter. 
Dated and signed, medical reports are considered legal documents and can be taken as evidence in the courts of law, therefore, they have specific formats and templates, have reference numbers and carry the initials of the one who typed it, in most cases, the medical secretary.
Copies are filed for safekeeping, often not alphabetically, but by reference number unique to the individual patient. Such reports are often brief, 2 pages at most and states only the basic. The detailed and the mundane are in the file. Ask the secretary, though you may have a problem making her talk.
In the medical circle, medical reports more than 5 years old are often destroyed, they're considered obsolete and not useful.
Malin Solino