RE: Noynoy can tap presidential losers

By Pompeyo S. Pedroche, reader

Posted at May 05 2010 04:50 PM | Updated as of May 06 2010 12:50 AM

Say that this is wishful thinking or easier said than done, the suggestions in this feedback are not the least impossible. Granting that Aquino wins, he should tap the eight losers by appointing them in his cabinet where their expertise can help the government. Mar Roxas will remain his executive vice-president.
Manny Villar can advise Aquino on economic and financial matters. If Manny can do it, as his ads say, why can’t Ninoy’s government? Noynoy can harness Gibo’s galing and talino as Presidential peacemaker in troubled Mindanao. Gibo can put an end to warlords and terrorists.
The indefatigable Gordon can assist him on diplomatic and foreign affairs policies and ask Erap to bring down the Aquino’s elite name closer to the masses. Jamby can work hand in hand with his sisters overseeing their official duties as siblings of the President. Bro. Eddie will be Aquino’s religious counselor to do liaison work between the Church and the government.
Noynoy can ask Mr. Nick Perlas for concrete ways how to change the political landscape by dismantling Trapos, and JC de los Reyes will be Noynoy’s mouthpiece in dealing with issues on youth development. So there you are a formidable Benigno Aquino Cabinet.
As you can see, even if his detractors say that Noynoy is clueless and inexperienced, with cabinet members as powerful, qualified, tested and tried as his political opponents, no way will his administration fail.
Pompeyo Pedroche
New Jersey, USA