RE: Be An agent of change for honesty in Philippine politics

By Tito Gervacio, reader

Posted at May 05 2010 05:24 PM | Updated as of May 06 2010 01:25 AM

I regularly follow your TFC programming these days, especially because it is now near the finish line for the Philippine elections. You are playing a strategic and important part in bringing timely information to us here in the USA about the Philippines.
Thank you for your truthful reporting of what is happening in the Philippines today. I am engaged with the current events in our country because of the important role that ABS-CBN plays.
Keep on probing for what is factual and right. You have a good number of able journalists. Please give them the free rein so they can report truth and common sense. You may have some entertainers who cross the line of propriety -- put them in their proper place. Overall, ABS-CBN has the reputation of honesty in public service. Please continue this policy -- because those of us outside of the Philippines admire what you are doing.
Praying and hoping that corruption and violence will fade away from the daily lives of Filipinos, starting with electing upright, honest, and courageous leaders. With this given its righteous place in the Philippine government and culture, economic progress will move forward and the neediest of the needy will benefit long-term. Trust, not subservience, in our leaders run up high in our priorities.
Tito Gervacio
TFC Subscriber