Feedback: Anybody but Noynoy

By Abraham V. Llera, reader

Posted at May 05 2010 05:16 PM | Updated as of May 06 2010 01:16 AM

From the moment Noynoy declared his candidacy, I tried to tell everyone how bad news Noynoy is: he promised to flood the country with contraceptives; he is anti-life, anti-Church, and a liar—he claims he’s Catholic, but he’s not. He also had the temerity to seek the highest office of the land on absolutely nothing but the popularity of his Mom and Dad. And he was the first and vilest at foul play, calling his nearest rival corrupt when he himself is dyed-in-the-wool corrupt, how else could you describe one who merely collected his salary and pork as congressman and, later as senator, yet did not even put in an honest day’s work by producing at least one law?
Noynoy is woefully incompetent. Worse, he doesn’t know he is, which makes it all the harder for him to change. Anywhere you look at it, he’s running on nothing but the good name of his Mom and Dad. Twelve years as a legislator, and he has not produced a single law. He has been collecting his salary and pork for 12 years, and yet has not put in even one good day’s work.
Noynoy couldn’t even speak! That’s why Neric Acosta is ALWAYS by his side when he speaks, ready to elaborate, explain, or gloss over in case Noynoy botches it yet again. Can you imagine Noynoy speaking at the United Nations General Assembly with Neric Acosta behind him to coach him? The fact that Noynoy needs a crutch like that casts some very serious questions on his capabilities. Worse, if he cannot form his own decisions without having someone else make it for him, why bring that handicap to the presidency?
This inability of Noynoy to be his own man leaves him parroting the first idea those around him spoonfeed him. These advisers say the country is overpopulated, Noynoy would simply parrot it without bothering to check it out for himself. Why did I say this? Because there is enough proof to debunk this claim, and all he needs to do to know is to look for it.
Noynoy strikes me as dumb, I’m sorry. I look into his eyes, and there’s nothing there. When he speaks, I look for the fire of a leader, there’s none. Instead, I see someone who’s inwardly pleading “Help, get me out of here,” somebody who’d have preferred to be anywhere but where he is presently.
That’s why I sometimes think Noynoy is the victim of some cruel joke, that some people one day decided to play a prank on him by telling him he’s destined to be the next president of the Philippines, nagpauto-uto naman. Dolphy was way humbler, reminding those who were trying to egg him to run “Eh paano kung manalo ako?”
Why Villar?
Villar has shown one very good characteristic of a leader: he knows what he wants, and he knows how to get what he wants. The way his acceptance rating has consistently risen is eloquent proof of one who makes plans, makes sure they’re the best plans that can be made, and flawlessly executes these plans. He might have hired the best advertising company in the country, filled his staff with the best strategists, the best PR consultants, the best behaviorists, and this is good, because it means that when he becomes president, he will be smart enough surround himself with the best line and staff members.
How about Noynoy? Notice that he started catching up with Villar only when he started to play dirty! Have you noticed that it was Noynoy who turned the campaign ugly?   How he, when Villar was telling the people how they would be well off by voting for him, Noynoy was telling the people how the people would be well off by NOT voting for Villar?
By whatever standard this is judged, this is DISHONESTY! It’d have been all right were Noynoy to admit “Yes, by nature I’m rotten, that’s why I resort to foul play,” but did Noynoy do that? NO, instead he kept on harping how honest he is, how only he could be honest.
Noynoy supporters would now probably be saying: “If Villar’s honest, why the C-5 controversy?” To this I will answer “Why? What about the C-5? Are mere accusations how sufficient to convict? What happened to due process? Shouldn’t we wait for the proper charges to be filed in court and decided on, before we convict anybody?”
My friends. We have been horribly wrong with Gloria. On May 10 will be our chance to correct the horrible wrong that we’ve made with Gloria. Let’s not bury ourselves deeper in our hole by making another mistake, simply because Cory Aquino meant a lot for us. Let’s not tar the good memory Cory Aquino left us by making the mistake of electing his son.
Abraham V. Llera