RE: election hopes

By Miguel R. Castillo, reader

Posted at Apr 21 2010 05:42 PM | Updated as of Apr 22 2010 01:42 AM

Well, first of all the country needs a candidate that is for the people not for themselves. All of this BS from the candidates has to go. Hopefully the next president of the country will do good and not be crooked.
They need to look at the problem for (ex: corruption is one of the biggest problem)from the top then go down the ladder. I really hope that one of this days people in the Philippines would all get together and see who the right person for the job.
We need to find a solution to vote the right candidate and start cleaning up, not creating more problem in voting another corrupt and power hungry candidate for the country. My opinion is no matter where you in the part of Philippines somebody is trying to make a buck out of you. 
All I’m saying is we need a president that will help the country not his pocket.
Miguel R. Castillo