Platinum Plans - another big time swindler like Legacy Plans

By Eric de Claro, reader

Posted at Mar 20 2009 03:34 PM | Updated as of Mar 20 2009 11:35 PM

Seems like that the radar of Investigative Journalists/Reporters of ABS-CBN News, In the Service of The Filipino People, is not working that well.
You are missing out one of the biggest crook and swindler in the Pre-Need Industry. Rotarian Ernesto L. Salas Sr. & his family (daughter Rhodora Salas and son Ernesto R. Salas Jr.) are the sole owners of Platinum Plans Philippines Inc.
Immediately after CAP and Pacific Plans, they have closed shop well before Legacy Plans. The difference is that they have never been under public scrutiny. They are wiser than most of these companies. 
Salas had filed for a dubious Rehabilitation or Receivership with the a Makati court in an effort to create some form of legal defense to make them free and clear of their obligation to thousands of Filipino families amounting to millions of pesos.
The company has no trust fund to begin with. But because of this, they use this as cover to be prosecuted and quietly sell their assets amounting to millions and be spared of prosecutiom and public condemnation.
The 3 Salas family members were supposed to be arraigned in a Caloocan court for syndicated estafa. On the day of arraignment, a miracle happened - the prosecutor dismissed the case.
Here you will uncover a web of deceipt, corruption, protectionism from government officials - SEC, Prosecutor's Office, etc. The Salas family is well known to Senator Villar and Speaker Jose De Venecia.
The Salas family's lived and still are living a jet-jet life style but have victimed thousands of pre-need planholders. They presently live at Madison Suites in Dela Rosa Makati, Prince Plaza 2 in Legaspi village Makati, and Executive Townhomes in Valle Verde. Allegdely, they have sold their offices at World Center in Makati to the tune of almost P30 million through the receivership program. They drive in chauffer driven bullet proof Mercedes Benzes and BMW's and with uniformed bodyguards. "Who are their protectors?!?"
So, will thousands of planholders of Platinum Plans ever be paid for their matures plans by Platinum Plans, who have used over the years, advertising in Eat Bulaga via the Little Miss Philippines contest, to mislead the masses into believing that their dreams will come true.
Please forward this message to Willard Cheng or Mariton Pacheco so these crooks can now be exposed.
Eric de Claro