Antony Taberna

By Pompeyo Pedroche, reader

Posted at Mar 20 2009 03:42 PM | Updated as of Mar 20 2009 11:44 PM

Antony Taberna is one of a kind, a true nationalist who speaks for the people, so let me be the first one to reciprocate that pro-Filipino affection by saying that his viewers and listeners love him as well:
(1) Antony is such a wonderful commentator that whatever your politics is you just have to listen, enjoy, and admire him. He speaks his mother’s tongue, so unlike some explainer I know who uses English like he is speaking to the“Intelligentsia”.HNo, not Antony. He uses Tagalog reaches out to every Pinoy, regardless of his station in life; in a fashion that you enjoy hearing not only what he says but how he says it.
(2) He is a master of his craft, never groping for words and very logical. His analogies and metaphors are easy to digest. He can accentuate a point and project his voice effortlessly.
(3) He is also fair. First, he distances his opinions on the issue, listens to the pros and cons, giving the two opposing sides their space and time. Then he delivers his “Punto por Punto”, sometimes with a punch here and swipe there but always spiced with humor and his “Sus Mariano Ka Indo”.
(4) If Antony Taberna is biased, it is a bias for the Filipino. May his tribe multiply.
Pompeyo S. Pedroche
Colonia, New Jersey