Re: Lupang Hinirang - correct rendition

By Malin Solino, reader

Posted at Mar 18 2010 06:26 PM | Updated as of Mar 19 2010 02:26 AM

'Ne'er shall invaders trample thy sacred shores' . . . We don't need invaders, we seemed to be doing a good job of trampling ourselves, disputing our National Anthem, how it should be sang.
Many top artists that have sung Lupang Hinirang seemed to be showcasing their talent, how flexible their vocal cords are, going from octave to octave, the Anthem itself comes a far second. While we admire the artists' vocal gift, Lupang Hinirang is not a pop song subject to anyone's creative interpretations, given a makeover.
It's a sacred song, our National Anthem. There's an official version of it recommended in RA 8491. If NHI wants Lupang Hinirang sang the way it should be, they ought to send a copy of the sheet music to the singer or artist, before the venue.
So, the singer/artist can re-acquaint and familiarize themselves, once more, with the time measurement whether it's 2/4 or 4/4 and so keep to the beat, note by note, bar by bar, etc., and so give the correct rendition of Lupang Hinirang. This way, dispute can be avoided. 
Malin Solino