MMK’s ‘Blusa’

By Renan Piamonte, reader

Posted at Mar 10 2009 06:22 PM | Updated as of Mar 11 2009 02:24 AM

This in regard to the news in ABS CBN News Online article "ABS-CBN issues statement on MMK’s ‘Blusa’ issue" (
I am not a fan of MMK so I was not able to watch the program discussed in the news article. However, assuming the ABS CBN statement as stated in the news article is correct, I am very, very disappointed on ABS CBN's handling of this issue.
Clearly, the signed waiver is of no relevance when the story submitted to MMK was of extremely unbelievable nature so as to shock the common sense out of the production team. Though the waiver would have been acceptable for other stories, the producers should have been diligent enough to gather more evidence on this incredulous story. 
The decision not to investigate the story because of a signed waiver implies that the whole production team believed the story at face value at the time (which is disappointing for a network as big as ABS CBN because the viewers deserve reliable programming from a team of competent individuals). I am not sure how the whole production team believed this story. There is just no way. The story is so unconvincing to all persons with an IQ above 80 (not even 100!). The only possible explanation: (1) The team doubted the story but felt relieved that a signed waiver was secured and simply did not do anything more than the "minimum" standard, or (2) The team believed the story.
Well, in my opinion, heads should roll in either of these two scenarios. In the first case, someone should get fired because of knowingly failing to be diligent in his/her job. In the second case, someone ought to be fired for sheer incompetence.
The people deserves better. ABS CBN deserves better. Fire these guys.
Renan Piamonte