People Powerless

By Pompeyo Pedroche, reader

Posted at Feb 26 2009 05:16 PM | Updated as of Feb 27 2009 01:17 AM

Remember in the eighties when and how we kicked the Marcos out in such a tumultuous but bloodless fashion…only to welcome them all (including their lackeys) back one by one? And worse, on top of a red carpet welcome, we gave the Marcoses not only sanctuary to live with us, their victims, but offered them political power to run our dog-gone lives as governors and representatives of the people. Sus Mariano Ka Indo, not even Shakespeare could have written such a tragicomedy that only Filipinos could script.
Call it national amnesia, Christianity, or our sense of hospitality. In my book, it is simply stupidity.
Had the Philippines been Saudi Arabia, the people could have witnessed in no time a dozen or more heads rock and roll on EDSA. That would have been a dream realized. Those heads would have been the fruits of toil, the prize of People Power 1. Our history could have been different .Unfortunately, what we took away from the Marcoses, our succeeding leaders (from Cory to Gloria) gave it back to us: corruption in gargantuan proportions, abuse of political power, crime, land grabbing, dynasties, etc.
This is the greatest challenge to GMA’s reign to address these lingering maladies as her parting legacy to the Filipino people. Her success will be like giving back the people their power without having to assemble and go to EDSA.
Pompeyo Pedroche
Colonia, New Jersey