Billy Crawford wants Nikki Gil to meet his father


Posted at Dec 17 2008 01:20 PM | Updated as of Dec 17 2008 09:50 PM

International performer Billy Crawford said he is hoping that his Spanish father Jack would be able to meet singer-host Nikki Gil, reported to be Crawford’s sweetheart.

The singer also said that Gil has nothing to worry about with regard to meeting his dad.

"My dad is really cool, he's really humble. He’s really nice and looking forward to spend time with us and hopefully he'll get to meet Nikki," he said.

The singer said that it will certainly be something special to him if his father will finally meet Gil.

Crawford also admitted that he already talked to his father about Gil.

When asked to share what he told his dad about Gil, Crawford replied:  "Well, that's between me and my father."

Crawford recently revealed that his father was diagnosed to have cancer. He said that he is happy that he will be spending his time with his father this Christmas.
Crawford disclosed that his father was diagnosed with cancer last year and that his family thought that he had beaten it after undergoing chemotherapy.

The singer said his family, however, found out that his father’s cancer had recurred.