Bieber not a believer in Pacquiao


Posted at Dec 10 2012 07:06 PM | Updated as of Dec 11 2012 04:19 AM

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – Boxing fans were flabbergasted by Manny Pacquiao’s downfall at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez Saturday night (Sunday morning in Manila), but the surprise quickly gave way to memes making fun of the loss, some of which were reposted by singer Justin Bieber on his Instagram account.

Justin Bieber reposted this meme on his Instagram account showing Michael Jackson and Manny Pacquiao.

The memes Bieber reposted were accompanied by short write-ups on his feelings about a possible Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Manny Pacquiao bout.

Bieber, it seems, is no believer in the People’s Champion.

“[Mayweather] has nothing to gain fighting Pacqiao. Floyd has never in his professional career lost a fight and Pacqiao lost his last two fights,” he said.

“If Floyd wins it's not that big of a deal cuz it would be his third loss in a row, and if he loses he's gonna ruin his legacy either way there's no big win for Mayweather.. Mayweather is boxing.”

He also posted a photo of Mayweather knocking down Marquez. “Look what Mayweather did to Marquez.. #moneyteam #nocompetition,” he said.

Justin Bieber also posted this meme showing Lion King character Simba trying to wake Manny Pacquiao.

The posts have spawned thousands of comments. Some Filipinos said they find no harm in the memes because they are funny, but some asked Bieber for respect, if not for Pacquiao, then the Filipino people.

Even the hashtag #RespectThePhilippinesBieber made it to the top trending topics in the Philippines after Bieber’s posts went viral.

Some TV personalities including BB Gandanghari and Kat de Castro also shared their take on Bieber’s photos.

According to de Castro, she’s shocked to see how emotions are running high among Filipinos.

“Maybe @justinbieber didn't know how much Pacquiao means to us as a nation. I guess the least he can do now is apologize. #justsaying,” de Castro added.

Gandanghari, for his part, warned the Canadian singer to know his limits.

“Congratulations, Justin Bieber! You just lost millions of your fans here in Philippines. #RespectThePhilippinesBieber,” he said.

However one commenter, gtapay, said nobody will ever know who will win between Mayweather and Pacquiao unless they actually fight. “The outcome of such a fight happening will always be up to debate, but as for now none of us actually has the ability to know who would legitimately win.”