Jesi Corcuera evicted from 'Pinoy Big Brother'


Posted at Dec 09 2016 12:23 AM

MANILA, Philippines — "Pinoy Big Brother" saw off another housemate, as Jesi Corcuera was sent packing after a poor showing in the reality TV show's "Ligtask Challenge" on Thursday.

Unlike most Big Brother evictions, Corcuera's exit wasn't filled with tears. Most of the housemates knew him as a strong person able to cope with life's difficulties. 

In his early days on the show, Corcuera, a transgender man, opened up about his struggles being born in a body he didn't identify with. At a young age, he said he already knew he was different from his peers. 

Corcuera also talked about how his mother couldn't accept his decision. She once sent him to an all-girls high school hoping he would stay female.

This dynamic set up an emotional reunion between the two inside Big Brother's house, an opportunity that allowed them to patch their differences. 

As he returns to the outside world, Corcuera said he looks forward discovering more about himself.