Mo Twister apologizes to Rhian, GMA-7 over leaked video


Posted at Dec 05 2011 04:50 PM | Updated as of Dec 06 2011 03:13 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Radio DJ Mo Twister (Mohan Gumatay in real life) on Sunday apologized to ex-girlfriend Rhian Ramos and her home network GMA-7, following his video diary that leaked online.

In a statement aired over "Showbiz Rampa" on 103.5 WOW FM, Gumatay told Ramos he is sorry "that our rollercoaster relationship ended the way it did."

"There was much more going on than people know. But I love you. I always have," he said.

Gumatay also gave this message to GMA-7: "I would like to apologize to the network for putting them in a bad light. This decision to have an abortion was not something the network instructed us to do... I understand that and I am sorry if the words on my 'video diary' depicted otherwise."

A report from ABS-CBN’s “E-Live” on Saturday said that GMA-7 is set to file appropriate charges against Gumatay "for malicious and false imputations against the network."

A leaked video diary that went viral last week showed Gumatay in tears, saying that he and Ramos will "get rid of of our baby" due to pressure from her family and GMA-7.

Not mad at Rhian

Gumatay said he is "in disarray," "ashamed" and "disappointed" because of "the loss of our child."

"It was something I never wanted to happen. It went against my every value and until this very day, it makes me break down in tears, something I have never moved on from. I don't think any parent can," he said.

"Of course it was done with utmost regret and I still wonder if I did all that I can to prevent it from happening. I thought I did, but I ultimately sided with the decision of my girlfriend, because I was put against a wall, to a point where I had to choose between the safety of the person that I love and the life of our child," he added.

Gumatay made it clear, however, that he is not mad at Ramos.

"I do not blame Rhian for our actions even though it was no one else's choice. The pressure on her was too great.

"Am I upset at her? No. However, I do feel sad about the opinions of the people who are closest to her. You see, I am pro-life. I know we all have a different stance about this sensitive topic, but I am and have always been such."

Gumatay added that he still loves Ramos "very much."

"We had to lie to the public about our ongoing relationship and I understood why. I would never want to hurt her and I tried my best to protect her when rumors of past abortions would surface. I aggressively pursued bloggers and other people who had info of past incidents and told them to be quiet," he said.

Rhian's camp erased his video?

Gumatay said he made the video "as a memento of this tragic event," adding that Ramos knew all about it.

"Rhian knew about all of this. To a point where months ago, when they thought a lawyer was needed to aid in our breakup, that I was asked to surrender all of this 'proof' to them for it to be destroyed," he said.

"I naturally gave in to their request, because for the second time, I chose my girlfriend over the memory of our child. I specifically asked them to not destroy it, to please return it to me 50 years from now, when all this showbiz priorities and 'branding' wouldn't mean so much anymore."

The radio DJ said, however, that Ramos' camp erased the video.

"Along with my files, they took my computer and erased it in front of me. This was all documented by her legal staff," he said.

"I know that the copies in my laptop were not the only ones destroyed. In a brown envelope, I handed these files to the family and begged them to salvage them. My laptop may have been compromised. I really don't know.

"There will be rumors for a long time, I am aware of that. But it will not hurt as much as the memory of what truly happened -- we lost our child and I have not moved on from it."

A promise made

After apologizing to Ramos and to GMA-7, Gumatay said he does not have a message for the general public.

But he did make a promise.

"I will never, ever agree to take the life of a child again. It doesn't matter if it isn't my body or my choice. I will not be put against the wall again. I should have stood my ground, fought harder, delayed it longer, encouraged more people to talk her out of it," he said.

"I regret it there. I regret it all," he added.

Rhian's camp seeks protection

Meanwhile, Ramos' camp is set to file for a temporary protection order in Muntinlupa City on Monday.

In an interview on Philippine Daily Inquirer, Lorna Kapunan, who acts as Ramos' counsel, said Gumatay violated Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act.

Kapunan claimed that Gumatay made threats against Ramos through e-mail and social networking sites.

"Even if made on social networking sites, these acts (threats) constitute psychological and emotional violence," Kapunan was quoted as saying.

"He's 34; she's 21. He was manipulative," she added.

Mo seeking professional help

Meanwhile, radio DJ Mojo Javier (or Mojo Jojo) told "The Buzz" on Sunday that Gumatay has been seeking professional help because of the problems he's going through.

“Weekly therapy sessions si Mohan. I guess that was one of the ways, na he’s trying to seek help, or try to fix, or how to deal with 'yung problems niya,” he said.

Javier added that Gumatay has been getting sick more often, probably because of too much stress.

“He’s not doing so well dito talaga. You will see na 'yung health niya, he’s been sick a lot lately. Most people get sick dahil sa stress di ba?” he said.