Charice dating David Archuleta?

by Reyma Buan-Deveza,

Posted at Nov 30 2010 01:34 PM | Updated as of Nov 30 2010 10:11 PM

MANILA, Philippines – The latest guy to be romantically linked to 18-year-old international singing sensation Charice is none other than fellow singer David Archuleta, an “American Idol 7” finalist.

During her guesting on "Billboard's Live Q&A," the issue came up after a fan, who noted how Charice sings with so much emotion, asked if she is thinking of Archuleta whenever she performs a love song.

The Filipino songstress replied: "What a question, what a question. First of all, I'm friend with David Archuleta and he is a great guy. Second, singing love songs with emotion, I think it's part of being a singer. Every time you sing, you should feel the song even if you're not in love. You just have to undestand the words.”

"What I do is every time I sing a love song, I'm adapting myself to the song. If it's a sad song, what if these words happen to me, what if I fail?"

Charice stressed that she always dedicates her performances to her friends and family, but never to a special someone.

"If it's a love song, I dedicate it to my friends and family but not David Archuleta,” she laughingly clarified.

The host asked if she has a secret romance with Archuleta.

"Oh no, no, no," Charice quickly said.

The host commented: "A love connection, but not in romantic way."

She was also linked to Filipino singer Sam Concepcion, but the latter denied it.

Getting into a relationship is also not her priority right now.

"Singing is my life and I'm not going to stop singing. But you know, I have to pursue my goal and that is to finish my studies, that's my priority," she said.

Charice is enrolled in an online school, taking up information technology (IT) since she is a "computer addict."

When asked about her Christmas wish, meantime, Charice, who hails from Laguna, said: "I just want to be with my friends and family. I think that's the best though I'm always with them every Christmas. But that's my wish every Christmas."

‘Glee’ comeback

In the same interview, Charice was all praises for hit American television musical series “Glee.”

She said she got drawn to “Glee” because of its unique storyline and great cast members.

"Not all series have those kind of storyline -- acting plus dancing, and the characters, they’re unique. What I love about it, it's very them, my character is very me,” she said.

She added: "I just love it. And even off-cam, we just act like that, we just act naturals so I love it.”

After appearing on “Glee 2’s” season premiere, Charice will go back to the popular show. Earlier reports said she would appear in episode 7.

In the series, she plays Filipino exchange student Sunshine Corazon.