Gary V on Zendee: I don’t remember her

By Reyma Buan-Deveza,

Posted at Nov 14 2012 06:32 PM | Updated as of Nov 15 2012 02:37 PM

 Internet sensation as “random girl” Zendee Tenerefe.
MANILA, Philippines – Singer Gary Valenciano dared his critics to watch with him the audition of upcoming singer Zendee Tenerefe for “The X Factor Philippines” amid comments that the show’s judges made a mistake when they didn't accept the General Santos City teenager.

Tenerefe became an Internet sensation as “random girl” on the video-sharing site YouTube and recently made her US debut when she performed on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

“I will take whatever criticisms there are but I would love for people, the same critics, to sit down with me and watch and then compare her with all the others who also auditioned on that particular time and tell me straightforward was she deserving to go through,” Valenciano told reporters during the press conference for his latest album "Gary V Sings Just For You" on Wednesday.

“Kasi kami ni Charice, Martin (Nievera) and Tita Pilita (Corrales), we were really having a hard time choosing, especially among the girls, kasi sila ang pinakamarami at magagaling talaga," he added

Valenciano suggested that Tenerefe probably selected the wrong song and thus failed to make a mark on the judges.

"Let's look at her audition piece again because honestly I would have remembered. I would have even added her to A.K.A. Jam because we were choosing. But maybe the song that she did wasn't as impressive as what she did to get her into where she is now. Iba-ibang vehicles 'yan. Ang sinakyan niya siguro sa 'X Factor' ay jeep pero 'yung sinakyan niyang bus or whatever 'yun ang talagang made her gain the popularity," Valenciano explained.

"Remember Charice was third place (in 'Little Big Star') and look at her today. KZ (Tandingan) is first placer and now she's part of the Champs. I think it really depends on where you at, who you meet, the song that you sing is eksakto. I don't even remember. Maybe she came out late in the evening and she sang a song that wasn't really too 'uhm,'" he continued.

Valenciano, however, clarified that he is happy that Tenerefe has found success.

"I'm very happy for her because I think it stresses the point which we said from the very start that 'X Factor' is just a stepping stone. So even after 'X Factor' -- and even if you don't make it -- you could still become more popular even than the winner. So in the same way I think with her she's gaining so much,” he said.

Asked if it's right to compare Tenerefe to Charice, who also launched her international career on “Ellen,” Valenciano told "No, I don't think so. I'll tell you, if Zendee becomes really truly big -- I'm giving her three, four months -- and then she will be compared to somebody else and then some sort of intrigue will happen again. Maybe she will be compared to Jessica (Sanchez), just some sort of intrigue or what but she's good.”

“So I'm hoping that whoever is in the same boat that Charice was in will accomplish exactly what Charice has accomplished. Because Charice is still accomplishing a lot now, we just don't know it but she's going around and she's doing this and that and all. So with regards to Zendee, I'm hoping that a lot more comes her way and I hope that she takes the world by storm," he said.