Walang Hanggan's 10 most memorable scenes


Posted at Oct 26 2012 09:59 AM | Updated as of Oct 27 2012 12:17 AM

As the country's phenomenal television series "Walang Hanggan" is set air its final episode today (Friday), ABS-CBNnews.com comes up with a list of the show's Top 10 most memorable scenes.

"Walang Hanggan", starring Dawn Zulueta (Emily Guidotti), Richard Gomez (Marco Montenegro), Julia Montes (Katerina Alcantara) and Coco Martin (Daniel Cruz/Guidotti), tells a love story that spans three generations.

 The show also featured stars Rita Avila (Jane Montenegro), Eula Valdez (Black Lily/Jane Montenegro), Nonie Buencamino (Miguel), Paulo Avelino (Nathan Montenegro), Joem Bascon (Tomas Alcantara), Melissa Ricks (Johanna Montenegro), Helen Gamboa (Doña Margaret Cruz) and Susan Roces (Virginia Cruz/Manang Henya).

Thomas stabs Daniel

Who will ever forget the scene when Tomas Alcantara stabbed Daniel Cruz? The most talked-about scene cemented the series' popularity. After Daniel was stabbed, Katerina and almost all the characters in the show believed he was dead.

Katerina marries Nathan

Katerina Alcantara marries Nathan Montenegro

Believing that Daniel died, Katerina asked for signs to lead her to the man she is destined for. Nathan Montenegro wooed her by faking the signs that Katerina wished for. With the belief in fate, Katerina walked down the aisle with Nathan.

Daniel's return

After being stabbed by Tomas, Daniel was saved by Emily Guidotti. Not knowing she was his mother, Daniel accepted Emily's offer to help him. He went to Italy with Emily, but vowed to return to take revenge against the Montenegros and to win back Katerina.

Jane's death

The death of Jane (Rita Avila) marked a first in the series. Jane died unexpectedly in a plane crash planned by Miguel Ramos (Nonie Buencamino), who is madly in love with Emily. Her death came after she confronted her husband Marco, who still harbored feelings for former flame Emily. In an emotional scene, Marco and the rest of the Montenegro family mourned the death of Jane. Nathan, in particular, struggled to come to terms with the passing of his mother, who was his only confidant.

Black Lily introduced

"Walang Hanggan" took a new twist when the a new character Black Lily (Eula Valdez) was introduced. Black Lily came between Marco and Emily's relationship. But soon it was revealed that Black Lily was the real Jane Montenegro, who underwent surgery after the plane crash. She returned with the help of her parents to seek justice and to protect her family. A few weeks after her return, Black Lily died after being shot by Miguel.

Nathan rapes wife Katerina

After years of marriage without intimacy, the "psychotic" Nathan raped Katerina, who was being held hostage by Tomas and Johanna. Katerina, who is in love with Daniel, managed to escape after being raped by her husband. The scene shocked many fans of the show, who were upset by the violent scene.

Daniel, Emily identity revealed

After leaving the country, Daniel Cruz became Daniel Guidotti after being adopted by Emily. They returned to the Philippines to take revenge against the Montenegros, but it was revealed that they are mother and son. Slowly, with the help of their "infinity wine," the Guidottis made the Montenegros suffer, especially Doña Margaret. During the launching of "infinity wine," Katerina discovered that Daniel Guidotti is Daniel Cruz, the man she really loved.

Emily finally weds Marco

Marco Montenegro marries Emily Guidotti.

Marco and Emily's dream of eternal love finally came true as they exchanged vows in a simple ceremony in the United States. Zuleta, who played Emily, finally agreed to kiss Gomez (Marco) again for the wedding and honeymoon scenes of their characters last September 27.

Daniel-Katerina wedding

Finally, after years of fighting for their love, Daniel finally married his one true love Katerina. The P3-million onscreen wedding captivated Filipino viewers nationwide. The much-anticipated exchanging of vows between Katerina and Daniel was shot inside the San Agustin Church in Intramuros. Setting the grand tone of the wedding was the live orchestral music by the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestara as conducted by acclaimed musical director Gerard Salonga.

Miguel shoots Daniel, Katerina

The "eternal" love story of Daniel and Katerina in "Walang Hanggan" almost came to an end Thursday night after the characters were gunned down in a scene that drew stunned reactions from viewers of the top-rating series. In a struggle to free his wife Katerina from the clutches of Miguel, Daniel is shot. Attempting to save her husband from being shot twice, Katerina herself is gunned down, before Miguel fires one last time to ensure the lovers' demise. The married couple are rushed to the hospital, where they appear dead after their vital signs flat line. Only moments later, however, Daniel and Katerina are seen opening their eyes, suggesting they have managed to survive the ordeal.

On Friday, millions of Filipino viewers will be glued to their television sets as the phenomenal television series "Walang Hanggan" draws to a close. After all the pains and hardships of Daniel and Katerina, Marco and Emily, fans are hoping for a happy ending.