Daniel, Katerina shot; will they survive?


Posted at Oct 25 2012 10:35 PM | Updated as of Oct 26 2012 06:35 AM

Near-death scene stuns 'Walang Hanggan' viewers

MANILA -- The "eternal" love story of Daniel and Katerina in "Walang Hanggan" almost came to an end Thursday night after the characters were gunned down in a scene that drew stunned reactions from viewers of the top-rating series.

Daniel and Katerina lie side by side after they are gunned down by Miguel.

In a struggle to free his wife Katerina (Julia Montes) from the clutches of Miguel, Daniel (Coco Martin) is shot by the villain portrayed by Noni Buencamino. Attempting to save her husband from being shot twice, Katerina herself is gunned down, before Miguel fires one last time to ensure the lovers' demise.

The married couple are rushed to the hospital, where they appear dead after their vital signs flat line. Only moments later, however, Daniel and Katerina are seen opening their eyes, suggesting they have managed to survive the ordeal.

As the dramatic scenes unfolded during the penultimate episode of "Walang Hanggan," viewers of the show took to micro-blogging site Twitter to air their "hysteric" reactions.

Moments before Katerina and Daniel were shown to have survived the tragedy, netizens, led to believe the two have indeed been "parted by death," expressed mixed emotions on Twitter.

The bloodied couple hold hands as they are attended to inside the emergency room

"Pagkatapos nilang ipaglaban ng mahabang panahon ang pagiibigan nila, mamamatay ba talaga sila? is it worth it? #WalangHanggan," tweeted @gavtorres.

Twitter user @angelicapotter aired a similar sentiment: "Jusme, sa dinami dami ng pag-aagawan, mamamatay din pala. Nagpagod lang sila. -.- #WalangHanggan"

Expressing his disappointment, @IanSantos012 said: "mygad! is this for real? anong nangyari kina katerina‘t daniel? ano ba yan! #walanghanggan"

Netizen @MavytheExplorer, meanwhile, found herself moved to tears by the turn of events, saying, "Grabe tong Mata ko, lumuluha na lang basta basta!!!
#WalangHanggan ikaw na ang nagpaiyak sakin ng ganto, grabe ka ha!"

Similarly, @tarixie tweeted: "BWISET. HOLDING BACK TEARS LIKE. UGH. ANO BA YAN. DI TO KAYA NG PUSO KO. #WalangHanggan"

Hailing the "death scene" as a "perfect" end to Daniel and Katerina's love story, @YkaBananaa shared: "They get to have a perfect love story. They died fighting for each other. Sila na! :( #WalangHanggan∞"

Katerina looks at Daniel for the last time before she is seen dying.

Mixed reactions also met the couple's revival, with some rejoicing, and others expressing disappointment.

Twitter user @itsbebedako was stunned as the scenes unfolded, sharing: "Grabe, breathtaking man intong #WalangHanggan uy, the best talaga!"

Overjoyed by the twist, @itsmeLielyn tweeted: "Eh yung napasigaw kaming lahat!!! Dahil buhay pala sila! Wuhoooooo! #WalangHanggan"

"Okay. Nadadala nanaman ako sa pinapanuod ko. Sasabihin nanaman ni daddy sobrang affected ako. #WalangHanggan," @ICylagan tweeted.

Netizen @GHERseyshore shared, "Ayun naman e. Tinadhana talaga sila para sa isa't isa. Sabay pang nabuhay ulit. #WalangHanggan"

Expressing his disappointment over the supposed predictability of the scenes, @themarkmolina said: "#WalangHanggan : Sows! Binuhay pa, ang ganda na nga ng pagkamatay nila :| Pinoy teleserye nga naman."

Based on the preview scenes for the final episode of the series, however, the couple may not yet be completely out of danger, as suggested by glimpses of a struggling Katerina and an emotional Daniel.

The finale of "Walang Hanggan" will air on Friday after "Princess and I."