Anne vows never to have a secret affair


Posted at Oct 22 2012 03:27 PM | Updated as of Oct 23 2012 02:30 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Anne Curtis would never dare have a secret affair with a person who is already committed.

Actress Anne Curtis

In a taped interview with “The Buzz” aired on Sunday, Curtis admitted that while doing the film “A Secret Affair,” she pondered how such thing happens in real life.

She said there were even times when she thought on what she would do if this would happen between her and boyfriend Erwann Heussaff.

“I don’t know, hindi ko alam. Hindi ko talaga alam. Sabi ko nga, kasi ilang beses ko rin inisip eh, lalo na kapag inaarte mo. Sabi ko this happens in real life, nangyayari ito na friend mo tapos may something. Inisip ko, paano kapag nangyari sa akin ito. Sabi ko wala na. Wala nang explain explain. Goodbye na, walk away, basta na-confirm ko, may evidence talaga and proven,” she explained.

Fortunately, Curtis said she and Heussaff are happier than ever with their relationship. Curtis said she is lucky that Heussaff is such “a supportive, smart, mature, good looking, amazing guy.”

The actress said her boyfriend understands what her job entails and thus never gets affected by her onscreen roles.

“Siyemrpe nandoon 'yung awkwardness when we’re watching which is normal. I think it helps also na movie lover din siya,” she said.

But while their relationship continues to become stronger, Curtis said settling down is not yet among their priorities in life.

“Kasal? No. Not yet. I guess that’s something, siyempre when you’re in a relationship, it just falls into place. It happens naturally. Something that’s not planned because that’s definitely not how I want it,” she siad.

“If he’s the one, he’s the one. I don’t want to expect. I just want to be hopeful about it,” she added.