A (somewhat) sexy talk with Mark Bautista

RICARDO F. LO/ The Philippine Star

Posted at Oct 20 2008 09:36 AM | Updated as of Oct 20 2008 06:07 PM


Even if he has the body for it (maintained by regular workout at the Gold’s Gym), Mark Bautista blushes when he’s described as a “sex symbol,” perhaps because he has just turned Born-Again Christian.

But he does appear sexy in the music video of his latest CD I’ll Be the One (produced by Christian de Walden of Hollywood and released by Viva Records) and on the billboards of Le Froge, the clothing line he’s endorsing (and which has greatly helped him bag the Most Fashionable Young Male Celebrity Award in the annual YES! magazine’s Readers’ Choice Awards last year).

“I’m proud of my latest album because it includes my first composition, Why Can’t We,” said Mark who wrote it with Lori Barth, and Vito and Alberto Mastrofrancesco. “It’s a song about a guy who’s wondering why he and his dream girl can’t be together.”

The other songs are: Sana’y Dinggin Mo (a new original by L.A.-based Filipino songwriter Jimmy Borja), Too Slow, Stuck in My Heart Now, Take a Chance, Everytime I Close My Eyes, Love and Affection, Just Look at Me, I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye, Somehow I Knew and Don’t Tell Me About Heartaches (with Sarah Geronimo, his favorite singing partner).

Funfare did a running (somewhat) sexy talk with Mark while he was lifting weights, and huffing and puffing on the treadmill at Gold’s Gym, beads of sweat dripping from his body like golden droplets.

Besides promoting his CD and Le Froge, Mark is shuttling between three movies (all for Viva): Sundo (with Robin Padilla, etc.), Single (tentative title, as one of Rufa Mae Quinto’s boyfriends, the others being Alfred Vargas, Rafael Rosell and Jon Avila) and Baler (official entry in the 2008 Metro Filmfest).

How do you take care of your voice?

“Before I sing in a show or on TV, I rehearse in my car by playing my demo tape. That’s also where I vocalize. I don’t take cold drinks or anything that contains caffeine. I stay away from chocolates even if I love them. Bawal din sa akin ang maanghang.”

How do you take care of your body?

“I didn’t go to the gym for one month. I took up yoga and it helped me lose weight. I’m back to the gym now for body-toning.”

Okay, define sexy.

“Sexy for me goes beyond the physical, although that’s what everybody first notices. What makes a woman even more sexy is how she talks and carries herself.”

What part of a woman’s body do you notice first?

“Her eyes.”

Why are you embarrassed when you are called a “sex symbol”?

“Because I don’t think I am.”

What part of your body do you consider sexy?

“My eyes. May sariling buhay ang mga mata ko.”

And what part of a woman’s body do you consider sexy?

“Her smile. She should have nice teeth.”

Could you describe your “first time”?

“Puede huwag na lang?”

Are you the type who gets, you know, easily excited?

“Let’s just say that I am more ‘controlled’ now. Hahahaha!”

Are you the “pursuer” or the “pursued”?

“Dinadaan ko lang sa tingin. As I’ve said, may sariling buhay ang mga mata ko.”

What, rather who, is your favorite fantasy?

“I fantasize with nature, not with ‘human’ nature. Hehehehe!”

Do you have a girlfriend?

“Now? None.”

How many girlfriends have you had so far?

“‘Yung serious? Just one. She’s not from showbiz.”

What about Sarah Geronimo and Riza Santos?

“Never kami naging kami.”

Who is your showbiz crush?

“Puedeng sa Hollywood na lang? Baka ma-intriga na naman ako. Hehehehe! Yes, si Reese Witherspoon. Kasi matalino siya. There’s also Jessica Alba.”

What’s the sexiest song that you’ve ever heard?

“Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye.”

Sexiest book?

“I don’t read sexy books. The one I’m reading now is Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. It’s a Christian book. Maski Playboy, hindi ako tumitingin.”

Sexiest movie(s)?

“Original Sin (starring Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas) and Unfaithful (Richard Gere, Oliver Martinez and Diane Lane).”

And what musical instrument do you think has the sexiest sound?

“The violin. It’s not only sexy, it’s also very romantic.”

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