No Sarah? Why Matteo will be going to Star Magic Ball solo


Posted at Sep 29 2017 07:57 PM

He would love to, but unfortunately fans will have to wait for at least another year to see him walk the red carpet of the Star Magic Ball with Sarah Geronimo. 

Matteo Guidicelli confirmed to Push that his pop star girlfriend will not be attending this year's grand ball due to prior commitments. 

"I am going solo," he shared. "Wala eh she has prior commitments and maybe in the future we'll see. Maybe next, next, next ball." 

He did give his own fans something to look forward to. "I'm wearing something very interesting," he teased. 

Guidicelli described his Joseph Aloysius-designed suit, made of a Filipino fabric from Ilocos, as environment-friendly. 

He added that he wanted the red carpet to be a venue for him to showcase local talent: "It's very interesting. He (Aloysius) uses tribes from around the Philippines to make his fabrics. It’s not a barong. You'll see this Saturday."