LOOK: Bela Padilla pens heartfelt letter for Yassi, Dani Barretto


Posted at Sep 29 2017 01:20 AM | Updated as of Sep 29 2017 08:58 AM

It's always frightening to put one's work out there, lay it out in the open for people to either love or hate. 

And amid all the pressure that comes with writing one's own movie, it's nice to have a friend or two who knew about the difficulties one goes through just to craft a finished script. 

Just ask Bela Padilla, the screenwriter for "Last Night." 

The movie came out this week and has been getting positive responses from fans. But only a select few of those mattered more than what her showbiz best friends, Yassi Pressman and Dani Barretto, had to say about it. 


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"Of all the beautiful things I've read about Last Night (thank you po!) these two will mean the most to me," Padilla said. 

"I've been so emotional today because everything made sense. All the sleepless nights, taping and shooting and working non stop paid off today because I was given something I didn't even dare dream of (I'm sorry but this is such a big deal to me) and these two got me through all of those days.

"The good ones and the bad. Thank you, Yassi and Dani (and now Josh and Kimmy) for being the best people to be around. All my stories wouldn't move if I had nobody to tell them to. The characters wouldn't talk if I didn't inject the people I love into them and they both know I use them in my stories. 


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"They both knew the whole story of 'Last Night' before I even pitched it. But they both watched it and felt the same way I did. As if they were learning about it for the first time. Thank you both for that. For being so supportive. 

"For loving me even if I'm not as showy as both of you. For tolerating my 'get off me' face when you hug me. And for allowing my silence after you both say 'I love you'." 


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"I may not be as affectionate as you guys but know that the love I have for you is deep. Which is why your messages brought me to tears. Cheers to the sisters I chose to have," she concluded. 

"Last Night," about two troubled strangers who decide to spend their last night together, stars Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga. It is directed by Joyce Bernal.