Kylie Padilla to body-shamers: I feel so womanly, cushiony


Posted at Sep 24 2017 06:54 PM


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Almost two months after giving birth, Kylie Padilla has become the target of body-shaming on social media.

Last Friday, Padilla took to Instagram to express her thoughts on the issue, after some netizens commented on her weight and body shape.


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"I recently experienced some body-shaming on my last post at the gym and I didn't really get my feelings hurt but I had this thought, people know I just gave birth, right? Still, comments kept coming in about how fat I was. And guess what yes, I am fat. I am overweight," the young actress wrote.

Padilla gave birth last month to her and Aljur Abrenica's first child.

The actress said it was only after giving birth that she started to love her body.

"Before having a baby I had a body that was hungry, a body I treated so badly that I got used to being depressed only because I was starving. A body I was disappointed with, no matter how thin and tired I was I still was not happy because I let society tell me my body was not "perfect," she said.

"So even after carrying a baby for 9 months and giving birth to a new life I still fall under 'fat' or 'curvy' or whatever label people want to give me then so be it. I'm happy to be there," Padilla added.

For Padilla, her baby and her family are more important than having a perfect body.

She also said she feels that her baby likes it better if she is bigger.

"First and foremost a baby that needs his constant supply of milk and a body that needs to recover heal and be nourished, with food and exercise. And oh a man that actually enjoys this curvy body. I seem to like it too, I feel so womanly and cushiony hahha lol kulang pa nga eh feeling ko mas masaya baby ko kung mas malaki pa ako," Padilla said.