'A Love to Last' recap: How finale explains true love


Posted at Sep 23 2017 12:26 AM | Updated as of Sep 23 2017 02:52 AM

In many ways, "A Love to Last" concluded similar to a lot of how local dramas go --full of tears, epiphanous dialogue, and an airport chase scene. 

But is repeating the same old, tired tropes necessarily a bad thing especially in a time when vows of forever are taken with a large dose of skepticism? 

The finale begins with Anton (Ian Veneracion) trying to convince Andeng (Bea Alonzo) to give their marriage another chance after accusations of cheating mixed with his unhealthy obsession with his work drove it into the ground. 

Andeng says that she cannot forgive him for all the pain he made her feel, and tells Anton of her plans to move abroad to start over. Hearing this, Anton is heartbroken, considering that he had just resigned for the sake of keeping their relationship together. 

After saying their goodbyes, Andeng then talks to her mother, who has doubts over whether she made the right decision. She slowly starts to realize that love is about giving --and that's it. That those who love without expectations, no matter the shortcomings and indignities, are the happiest. It is this kind of love that truly, to quote the title, lasts. 

We next see Andeng rushing to the airport. She earlier turned down Anton's invitation to go with his kids to Disneyland --an obvious metaphor for happiness-- and now deeply regrets it. She makes it just in time, of course, and the rest is a saccharine-filled parade march towards their forever, punctuated with a revelation that Andeng's pregnant with Anton's kid. 

At its best, one can see the show's finale, directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng and Frasco Mortiz, trying its best to melt the most hardened of hearts and convince cynics that love can truly last a lifetime. Its unabashedly positive message is a welcome reminder for many. 

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