'No Other Woman' brings out a different Derek Ramsay


Posted at Sep 17 2011 07:47 PM | Updated as of Sep 18 2011 03:49 AM

Actor Derek Ramsay. File Photo

MANILA, Philippines - Actor Derek Ramsay said the public will be seeing a totally different Derek Ramsay in his upcoming movie, “No Other Woman.”

“It’s a totally different Derek, totally different Anne (Curtis) and totally different Cristine (Reyes), so you’re going to cry,” he told Push.com.ph.

In this movie, which revolves around the issue of infidelity, Ramsay plays the role of a married man who engages in an extra-marital affair with a liberated woman.

Ramsay admitted that he found this project challenging. And in order to give justice to his character, he said that he actually had to exert extra effort.

“I try to [be a better actor] with every project that I do, whether big or small, I try to learn something. When you learn new things, you get to try new different things,” he explained.

"Each project that I do, may bago akong atake, you see something different."

When asked which was the most difficult scene in the film, he replied, “The hardest siguro was the confrontation. That was really heavy, it’s really, really heavy.”

Given the movie’s promising story line, he said that he couldn’t help but be moved by every dramatic scene they shoot.

“Kahit master shot lang or reverse [na] batok ko lang ang nakikita, umiiyak pa rin ako. Nakakaiyak ‘yung script and ‘yung mga situations that our characters go through.”

Star Cinema's latest movie offering “No Other Woman” is a highly intense and dramatic movie about infidelity.

This movie, starred by Ramsay, Curtis and Reyes, is set to hit theaters nationwide by the end of September.