Miss Australia's sabotage claim draws flak


Posted at Sep 14 2010 12:09 PM | Updated as of Sep 15 2010 01:26 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell's claim that she was sabotaged during the Miss Universe 2010 pageant in Las Vegas drew flak from Filipino netizens.

In a TV interview, Campbell said the sabotage happened backstage when somebody from the 82 candidates of the pageant put at least six pins on her national costume.

But when asked who might have done it, Campbell said she's clueless. She, however, singled out candidates from Mexico, Central and South America and the Philippines.

Campbell, the Miss Universe 2010 Miss Congeniality, added that her friends from Ireland, Belgium, Great Britain, and Guam would never do such bad things to her.

Netizens, especially Filipinos, were not pleased with Campbell's statement even if she already cleared the name of the country's Miss Universe 2010 Venus Raj through her Twitter account.

"Miss Australia, no more of demeaning comments singling out candidates from Mexico, Philippines and others. These ladies had good characters, they won't do anything like this to win. Even if this happened, you still couldn't have won the title Miss Universe or first runner-up. The judges did a very good job and has decided," internet user CR said.

Netizen Nicholas questioned the intention of Miss Australia for revealing the incident weeks after the competition ended. "Aw, c'mon! If you haven't got the looks and the brains and the skills needed to win the pageant, how important is it whether or not someone 'sabotaged' your dress? Besides, since the pageant is over, who is going to do anything about it? And fingering any countries as more likely to do that will help even less," he wrote.

Aside from lambasting Campbell, other online readers expressed their support to their candidates especially to Raj.

"Mess Australia, wow what a mess you are girl. We should not even be giving you this attention but because you were imputing to our very vivacious and goodhearted Miss Philippines, you should not have even climbed up to the top 5 because of 0 rating for bad manners. The pageant organizers should strip you of your Miss Congeniality title. A big booboo there awarding you such title. Did not your so small brains even think that those pins were in all probabilities left there from a previous fitting? stupid racist," Emy said.

"ur such a big loser ms. australia. loser in a sense u can't accept the victory of the others. move on! it's over, Ms. Mexico is the 2010 Ms. Universe. And Ms. Philippines will always be a winner in the heart of all Filipinos. You??? a @#$% down under with a bitterness heart!," Arlene added.

In her Twitter account, Raj said she was surprised when she heard about the news suspecting her of sabotaging Miss Australia.

"Miss Australia is a good friend of mine and don't believe that she would drop names especially me...she's not like that," tweeted Raj.

The Miss Universe Organization said they were unaware of what happened to Miss Australia.

This was not the first incident of alleged sabotage. During the Miss Universe pageant in 2004, Miss Ecuador claimed that her shoes were stolen.