WATCH: Fil-Am performs on 'America's Got Talent' semi-finals


Posted at Sep 13 2017 03:28 PM | Updated as of Sep 13 2017 04:02 PM

MANILA – Filipino-American singer Angelica Hale nailed her performance once again when she took the stage of “America’s Got Talent” during its semi-final round on Tuesday night (Wednesday in Manila).

As the episode’s final act, 10-year-old Hale performed her rendition of David Guetta’s “Without You,” earning a standing ovation from the audience and also from all the judges.

While it wasn’t perfect for Mel B, she still commended Hale for giving it her all.

“You’re only 10 years old and you literally have the voice of an absolute angel. You really, really do. I have to say that was a really brave choice for you,” she said. “It wasn’t perfect, but you definitely owned it, so well done.”

Heidi Klum, for her part, declared that Hale is her personal favorite among all the semi-finalists.

“I think that you are a phenomenon. You are my personal favorite. I hope that America agrees with me,” she said.

As for Simon Cowell, he said Hale was the “sweetest little thing.” 

“You know why I really applaud what you did tonight? There’s nothing worse than sitting here, hearing what I’ve heard before on other shows. And you took a risk. Like I said last week, the only risk is mediocrity. That was not mediocre,” he said.

“There was one point where it was like, boom! You hit me in the face with that note. You deserve to be there next week, Angelica. You really do,” Cowell added.

Meanwhile, Howie Mandel said the young singer’s performance was another “wow moment.”

“I got to say, you made tonight tougher that it ever could be because only five people go through. America’s got to take control now and they got to vote five through. There are so many more than five that are worthy of it, you being one of them. You just made it harder because it’s easier when you’re not good. And you’re great,” he said.